An interesting development in the life insurance industry that is a win/win situation. Contact us to see how we can help you save money on future premiums.


Interesting YouTube Video

This video does a good job of explaining how risk generally decreases as an investor’s holding period gets longer.



Here is an interesting article that I believe highlights what will be an emerging trend. Intelligent stock selection may outperform index strategies by taking advantage of their inability to adjust to market conditions.  Will taking advantage of the risk-on/risk-off nature of indexing be the next strategy that active managers implement?

A major part of planning for a healthy financial future  includes making sure you are able to provide for yourself or a loved one in the event that long term care or assisted living care becomes necessary.  Making “Long Term Care” (LTC) planning decisions, either for yourself or your loved ones, can often be a confusing and difficult process.  This short video has some great information about the types of LTC that are available and the steps you can take to ensure that you and your family are taken care of before the need arises.

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Long Term Care Planning from Ash Brokerage on Vimeo.

In a surprise move the Swiss National Bank removed its rate cap on the Swiss Franc.  The effect on markets around the world was largely negative, demonstrating the influence that the central bank of even a relatively small country can have around the world.  Two good articles on the matter: